BigSlosh is a healthy smoothie bar that will feed your soul and body. We offer a smoothie for every taste - a person looking for a delicious treat as well as someone adhering to a healthy diet, which is achieved through a smoothie diet.


Smoothies are prepared using the entire fruit or vegetable, which means that not a single nutrient is lost or discarted. The busy man can consume a smoothie on the go as a healthy meal. Green smoothies will help you with weight loss, as well as provide the nutrients necessary during pregnancy. BigSlosh has also thought of the youngest family members who can enjoy kid smoothies specially designed for children.


BigSlosh also offers other healthy drinks, including freshly squeezed juices. Juice and diet cocktails will give you strength during the cold season and strengthen your immune system.


A healthy diet is always important, so BigSlosh will supply you with a natural charge during your events. Smoothies prepared on-site will add to both children's events as well as work conferences and will provide the necessary energy charge for the entire event. You can also find us on Wolt website and application, and we will deliver your vitamin charge to your door.


We believe in healthy nutrition and we want everyone to enjoy gifts from nature without any guilt, so begin your smoothie diet with BigSlosh.